Hi everyone : Today is the 3rd of September and our children are off to school this morning for their first day back. It’s an exciting time when students are going into a new grade and are getting organized after relaxing and enjoying the summer holidays.

It’s also an exciting time at Ingersoll Music Academy. September is a fresh beginning for  the  new students who are coming through our doors for the first time. We also welcome back those students who have taken a break during July/August and our current students are continuing to develop and hone their abilities, so they can  apply them to their new songs.

Yes, September is a time when life naturally gets us into a more organized routine and we are all able to get more accomplished because of it. We wish everyone a successful month.

By the way, our June 9th recital was a great success. Over 25 fabulous performers of all ages took the stage in front of an estimated crowd 150 family and friends. We received so many compliments on how well the students had prepared and performed their songs. Congratulations to everyone who performed in the recital. It was a real pleasure to watch. Job well done!!!

Academy recitals allow students to attain valuable performing experience in a unique, low-pressure setting. They serve as great goals for students who are often motivated by having something to work towards.

Finally,we at Ingersoll Music Academy would like to give a great big thank-you to Don Hewey for sharing his excellent photography with us and also to Mitch Cole for his videos of the recital performers. We will be posting a video of each and every performance on our web-site, however we still have a couple of technical hurdles to clear before it gets done. I will let you know as soon as they are posted.   Dave