Hi Everyone:

Our Winter Recital will be held on Sunday December 15,2013 from 2:30 to 4:30 at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church ( across from Tim Horton’s on Thames St.).

 There is plenty of parking in the Church’s West Parking Lot. The recital is free for parents and their families and guests.

The recital will start at 2:30 P.M. but the teachers are asking the students to arrive around 2:00 P.M. in order to get organized.

There are approximately 25 students taking part this year. Everyone has been practicing their song every day and there will be a lot of fine performances (keeping with the season) that day.

We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Bill Gibbons will again be our special guest on the piano. You won’t want to miss what this talented entertainer has to offer. Also, Bill has also offered to MC the recital and we enthusiastically accepted his offer. He always brings knowledge, humour, and great energy to everything he does.

It should be a  fun day for everyone. So bring your your cameras and/or recording devices and support our wonderful students, as everyone gets their chance to shine.





WHY Learn Music?
What are the Benefits? 

1. Music rewards the brain
Music stimulates the brain regions involved in rewards and emotion. The result? It’s a fun, awesome mental exercise that improves your self-esteem.

2. Learn to actually listen
Kids that study music are better at picking up foreign language and detecting speech in noise— even if they only studied briefly, long ago!

3. Do better in school
Studies show that kids involved in music have better reading skills, know their math and tend to be brighter. SAT takers that studies music scored 47 and 43 points higher on their verbal and math tests, respectively.

4. Best way to stay in school
A staggering 96% of school principals agree that music education encourages and motivates students to stay in school.

5. Helps kids grow up
Learning music entices kids to better express their ideas, accept criticism, and improve their critical thinking and problem solving.

6. Makes kids nicer
Kids hooked on music are better team players, less aggressive and more cooperative with teachers. There are less fights, racism, and hurtful sarcasm in schools with good music programs.




 Christmas is Coming!     


Music Lessons are the perfect gift! Many kids don’t need one more thing to clutter up their room, but they would LOVE to learn an instrument!

We sell gift certificates in 1 lesson increments ($20.00), or some grandparents pay for lessons every month. One wife bought her husband 6 months of lessons upfront (friends and relatives contributed, too)!

If you’d like to get started or buy a gift certificate, just give us a call! We’ll help make your holidays bright!   519-485-1213



Morning, Lunch, Afternoon                 Private Lessons For Adults!        

Did you know that parents can take private lessons for any instrument during lunch hours, mornings, and after dinner? Ingersoll Music Academy is not just for kids. If you are interested in taking lessons for any instrument,call 519-485-1213 to schedule, or email dave@ingersollmusicacademy.co




Columbia Arts Academy New Referral ProgramCongratulations to  Gavin H. who received a free lesson for his new student referral.

REFER A FRIEND AND GET $20.00 IN CASH! If you refer a friend to the Academy and they register for lessons, we will send you a thank you gift of $20.00 by refunding $20.00 cash to your account electronically.

It’s EASY to refer.Just have your friend mention your name when they register and we’ll take care of the rest! We greatly appreciate your referral! Referrals are not valid for immediate family refunds. Add a family member to your account and get a free $25.00 registration. See the office staff for details.


Please welcome these  new students who recently enrolled at Ingersoll Music Academy:



      Dexter S. – Piano

      Stephen  D. – Guitar  

      Sarah L. – Guitar

      Emma M. – Guitar

      Jacob D. – Piano  







Some nights are sold out for our teachers. However, if you need a schedule change, there are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about openings for April or May please call the office 519-485-1213 or send an e-mail to dave@ingersollmusicacademy.com.





HAPPY DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS TO:  Sam S., Lori B. ,Yvonne R., Duncan C., Alyssa S., Grace T., Lisa B. 


We Now Teach in Woodstock!    Please call 519-535-7483 for our  NEW Woodstock Location.