This years Recital will be Sunday June 22,2014 at St. Pauls Presbyterian Church,  Ingersoll,Ontario  We will be using the Church Sanctuary for our students’ performances. 


Recitals play an important part in the development of any musician. I am a big believer 
that to be a really great performer, you have to have consistent and gradual performance experiences.
 Often, students are pushed to perform when they are not ready and this can  lead to a negative
 performance experience. The effects of a negative performance experience can take
 years to undo.
All of the teachers at the Academy stress that recitals are optional and low pressure.
Student’s do not have to perform but many choose to. If you would like to perform or
would like for your child to perform in our June recital (Sunday June 22nd at    
 St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church)

 Here’s how it works:

1. Please let your teacher know if you would like to perform in the June recital asap and your teacher will submit their list of students who have the  desire and ability to perform.

2. One of the many benefits of being an Academy student, is that we host recitals every 6 months (June and December). When you perform at the  recital, you really want to have something great prepared to play. It will make the recital experience a success for you that will enhance your  development instead of impeding it. If you or your child are not quite ready to perform, don’t worry, there’s another recital right around the corner, no  more than 6 months away. If you are interested in performing, please talk to your teacher asap.

We look forward to a great recital in June.


Columbia Arts Academy New Referral Program

If you refer a friend to the Academy and
they register for lessons, we will send you
a thank you gift of one full month of lessons ($92.00) by refunding
$92.00 cash to your account electronically. It’s EASY to refer.
Just have your friend mention your name when they register and we’ll take care of the
rest! We greatly appreciate your referral!
Referrals are not valid for immediate family refunds. Add a family member to your
account and get a free $25.00 registration. See the office staff for details.

Private Lessons For Adults!

Did you know that parents can take private lessons for any instrument during lunch hours, mornings, and after dinner? Ingersoll Music Academy is not just for kids.

Nearly a third of our students are adults and

half of those are complete beginners!

Most adults learn much faster than the kids do! So quit telling yourself it’s too late. Having fun while learning and performing is what we are all about. Adult students are encouraged to participate in many student concerts each year! Performing is optional. No pressure, no worries, just fun!

 If you are interested in taking lessons for any instrument,

call 519-485-1213 to schedule. 



Please welcome these  new students who have recently enrolled

at Ingersoll Music Academy:

Mark D.- Guitar

Ilana W. – Guitar

Valerie E. – Guitar

Leah K. – Piano

Dave K – Guitar

Jack I. – Guitar

Rob J. – Guitar

Rick H. – Guitar


From Our Winter 2013 Concert!

If you didn’t see the pictures for Winter Concert here is the link to the pics:






Also  Rogers TV ’Oxford County Living’ recently interviewed Dave:


 We know your schedules are busy. 

That’s why we offer more lesson times than any music school

in Ingersoll.

Lessons on Guitar, Piano, Drums, Keyboard,  Bass and Accordion

are offered six days a week!

Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Not a student yet?

Lessons are first come, first serve;

so call 519-485-1213 today to arrange your first lesson!

We specialize in lessons for kids and lessons for beginners of all




Some nights are sold out for our teachers.

However, if you need a schedule change, there are still limited lesson spots available.

To inquire about openings for May or June please call the office 519-485-1213or send an e-mail






We Now Teach in Woodstock!

 Please call 519-539-3211 for our  NEW Woodstock Location.








 40 King St East, Ingersoll,Ontario N5C 1G4



(Offering quality guitar,piano, bass, drum, keyboard  and accordion lessons for Ingersoll, Woodstock, Thamesford, Dorchester, Embro, Beachville and Oxford & Middlesex Counties, Ontario.)