Musical Instrument Repair

Our music instrument repair shop can handle just about anything that needs fixing. Bring in your broken guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, speaker, amp, or electronic gear. Our technicians will quickly assess the problem and suggest the appropriate solution. When you are passionate about music, you can’t let your music instrument accumulate dust in a corner of your house. Talk to us today.

What we can do:

Maintenance – string replacement, bridge & nut repair, hydrate dry body and neck

Fret Work – fretboard cleaning, dressing, polishing, and neck oiling

Set-up – Intonation, action, and polish frets

Wiring Repair – replace input jacks, switches, potentiometers, and pick-ups. Clean electronics.

Structural Enhancements – Glue broken necks and backs.

Ask us about any specialty repairs not covered above.

Contact Info

40 King Street East
Ingersoll, ON N5C 1G4
(519) 485-1213