Musical Instrument Rentals

The Ingersoll Music Academy starter instrument program is perfect for beginners who don’t have an instrument yet. With this program, you can rent an acoustic guitar for as less as $30.00 per month with no long term commitment (one month maximum). This is great if you are not certain whether your child is going to stick with the music lessons or not. You don’t need to buy an instrument until you are confident that you or your child is going to continue with the lessons. As a bonus, the rental program is ‘rent to own’, allowing you or your child the option to own the instrument if you/they prefer to continue. And your rental payments will be applied to the actual cost of the instrument, leaving you to pay just the remaining amount.

When you register for guitar lessons, bass lessons, or drum lessons from one of our music teachers, let us know in advance that you need an instrument. We will make sure that we have the one, which you need, available for you or your child at the first lesson.

Here are our Monthly Instrument Rental Rates:
Acoustic Guitar/Bag      $30.00/ Mo.
Classical Guitar/Bag      $30.00/Mo.
Electric Guitar/Bag         $40.00/Mo
10 Watt Amplifier           $20.00/Mo.
Bass Guitar/Bag             $60.00/Mo.
15 Watt Bass Amp.         $30.00/Mo.
Banjo/Bag                       $50.00/Mo.
5 Piece Drum Kit              $100.00/Mo.

NOTE: The first three months of rental will be applied towards the purchase price of the chosen instrument.

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